Immersive Experience with VR Camera

Immersive Experience with VR Camera


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You might not ever thought about, what it might be like to relive the best moments of your life, and you may be able to share them with your friends and on social media? It may be the birth of your child or it may be the dance floor at your close family member’s wedding or it may be the victory in the last seconds of a game of your favourite sports team. With today’s mobile virtual reality technology, it’s possible to create virtual memories and it has never been easier to get started.


An innovator in camera technology, has developed a user-friendly, dual camera that combines 360-degree photography with immersive 3-D Virtual Reality (VR), all in one simple-to-use solution that costs about the same as a decent DSLR camera.


The media expert Jim Malcolm says “360-degree pictures and video continue to change how we use cameras to capture the world around us”. Global adoption of VR headsets, combined with 3-D cameras, is providing even more ways to create virtual content and virtual memories.”


“We have done it with the best, from documenting Mako sharks with The Discovery Channel to weightless experiences in the International Space Station, floating more than 250 miles above the horizon.”


Malcolm says “We’re now excited to watch, first hand, as consumers create their own immersive personal stories,”


Whether you’re recording or live streaming, users can create and share virtual experiences at that moment, and then save them to revisit next week or next decade. The Vuze XR flips easily from a 360-degree camera to a VR180 camera and shoots both virtual video and photos. Special features of the VUZE include 18-Mega Pixel still images, built-in stabilization, filters, and a VR editing suite. Plus, it doesn’t get more portable.


Malcolm says “Everything can be viewed, controlled and edited, right from your phone, so that you can shoot, create and share virtual videos at a moment’s notice,”


Everything is not needs to be virtual; the VUZE also functions as a 5.7K and 4K up to 60fps 2D camera for capturing high-resolution video and pictures to fill out your photo album.


With the help of the latest in VR technology you can connect with far-flung family and friends and show them how you have spent the holidays with your family or friends. The VUZE XR camera also features live streaming and social sharing for platforms, including Facebook and YouTube, so that you can bring your social media audience into the scene with you.


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