At-Home IPL Hair Removal | 1000000 Flashes Permanent Hair Remover with Cooling Function | Painless Facial Hair Removal for Women and Men | Upgraded to 10 Energy Levels for Whole Body

At-Home IPL Hair Removal | 1000000 Flashes Permanent Hair Remover with Cooling Function | Painless Facial Hair Removal for Women and Men | Upgraded to 10 Energy Levels for Whole Body


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  • Permanent And Effective: Our IPL hair removal device provides you a 1000000 flashes lifetime to help you remove your hair permanently. It will be stopping the regrowth. More than 95% reduction after 12 weeks
  • Cooling Function: Thanks to the newest ice-cooling tech, you will never feel pain or irritation during the session. We also provide the razor and glasses to keep you quickly and easily clean up the hair
  • 10 Adjustable Energy Levels: This at-home hair removal provides you 10 levels, just press the button to select the level suits you. The humanized handle design also makes the hair remover more comfortable to hold
  • Auto And Manual Mode: It allows you to choose from two flash modes. Auto Mode: Long press release button for continuous flash, suitable for Bikini line, Face and Armpit. Manual Mode: Once press, once flash, suitable for Back, Arm and Leg
  • Portable And Easy To Use: This is a handy device and makes it possible to do laser hair removal at home, rather than spending probably 10 times more at a salon. The unit is small and easy to hold and the instruction is clear to follow

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ICE IPL Technology

  • The IPL hair removal system uses Ice function.
  • The cold touch can effectively reduce pain. IPL technology is more effective and safer than traditional hair removal methods such as hair removal wax, scraper, creams, gels.


  1. 1,000,000 flashes are enough permanent hair removal for family use.
  2. 10 levels of light flash - Design for different types of skin and skins.
  3. Support single flash mode or auto mode.

How often should I use?

1. A hair removal cycle uses 8 to 12 weeks

2. Using 1-2 times every weeks from the first to the sixth treatment.

3. Using once every weeks after the sixth treatment.

4. If you find that it comes into new hairs after 6-12 treatment, you can use once every 2-3 months in this area for satisfactory results.

4-6 weeks - 75% of the hair follicles begin to atrophy, hair growth slows down and thins.

6-8 weeks - 85% of hair was inhibited growth, hair significantly reduced.

8-12 weeks - 95% of the area has been completed removal and achieving the goal of inhibiting growth sustainable.

Make sure to check the hair color and skin color before use

1. Remove body hair and dry the skin.

2. Plug in the power and turn on device, choose the appropriate flash intensity level.

3. Take protective goggles out of the package and put them on.

4. Choose a manual mode or auto mode

5. Place the product vertically on your skin, make sure the device and the skin fit completely.


1. Level 1-10 is getting stronger, we suggest starting with 1 level at the first time until you find the most suitable level!

2. You must shave your body hair and wear protective glasses before using the device!

3. The flash head must fully fit the skin, otherwise it will not flash!

Two Unique Modes Of Light Flash

Single or continuous flash for epilation of all parts of the body.

A professional hair removal experience for arms, armpits, legs, back, face and costume. Also suitable for removing men's chest hair, but first you need to remove the hair.

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