Noise Canceling Headphones | Audio & Video

Noise Canceling Headphones | Audio & Video


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Mu6 Space 2 Active Noise Canceling Headphones 

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$159.00 USD $199.00 USD


  Hybrid Active Noise-Cancellation
  Smart Touch & Talk
 Transparency Mode
 Bluetooth 5.0
  24h+ Battery Life
  3D Touch Control
 APTX& APTX LL Supported
 Luxurious Leather

Filter superfluous noise for you!

When passion meets technology, ndustry-leading Active Noise Cancellation delivers rich and powerful listening experience, which brings you the joy of immersive sound. With a simple fingertip, you're transported to another space where people aren't visible, where there's no relief any rush to run, where a sense of peace at heart.

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