Neabot SpinEasy Cordless Electric Mop

Neabot SpinEasy Cordless Electric Mop


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Self-propelled and moves forward smoothly


When you press the power button and the rollers start spinning, the head will self-propell forward. Even when changing direction, cleaning can be done easily in a short time by simply twisting the handle with one hand. Since it assists driving, you can not feel the weight of the main body and you can operate it with only a light force, so it is easy to use for children and the elderly.

Convenient to use with cordless design

Since there is no power cord, it is easy to handle as soon as it is charged and it is easy to use. The stick part can be freely turned 180 degrees left and right and 60 degrees back and forth. You can easily clean every corner of your house, such as hard-to-reach walls, gaps in furniture, and under tables and beds, when you usually rag.

Applicable to various flooring materials


Since it uses microfiber rollers, it has excellent dirt adsorption, water absorption and abrasion resistance. It can be used with various flooring materials such as wood, tile and marble. It is gentle on the floor, can be cleaned without damaging the floor, and can be washed by hand. (2 sets of rollers are included)

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