Lanogo Mini Microphone Array

Lanogo Mini Microphone Array


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Lanogo Mini Microphone Array

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Small stature but BIG usage

Mini is a professional directional microphone array that can help you capture clear and excellent audio from far distance.

Up to 9 meters distance recording

Langogo Mini is equipped with two Harman-class microphones to collect clearer and better audio in the far distance (up to 9 meters away). It supports different scenarios of recording, such as speech, lecture, classroom, training and other occasions that you may need to record high-quality audio. With Langogo Mini, missing no more wonderful contents ever, and you are able to listen again at any time in everywhere.

Enjoy high-quality audio in remote video conference

Too noisy for too many participants in remote video conference? Langogo Mini adopts super cardioid directional design, and is equipped with intelligent convergence noise reduction algorithm. This can directionally enhance the speaker's voice and reduce interference from other directions, creating a more stable and clear voice conference for business meeting.

A professional voice transcribing partner for journalists and students

Langogo Mini can help restore human voice in the far-fifield environment. Together with Notta, high quality of sound makes voice transcription more accurate. Manuscripts written in meetings, interviews and lectures can be perfectly replaced by this new partner.

Compatible with a variety of smart devices

Why Langogo Mini is super simple and effificient? A simple step for using! Just plug and use it. It requires no charging and complicated steps. The product is also highly compatible, and it can be used immediately by plugging into a mobile phone, iPad Pro or other smart devices with USB Type-C connector.

Lightweight and portable

This dedicated device only weighs about 24g. If you have requirements for sound quality, just take Langogo Mini. Burden for carrying heavy recording equipments does not exist anymore.

Classroom learning

Open the Notta App,plug your Langogo Mini into your phone,You can pay more attention to your class since notes have been automatically generated in your device.


The sound of birds in the trees,the sound of running water in the distance and the sound of thunder. Langogo Mini collects high-quality natural sounds,and even accompany you to experience different feelings under various atmosphere.


Put Langogo Mini aiming at the speaker on the stage,which can effectively shield the sound behind microphone and record excellent audio on the site.

Video conference

Aiming Langogo Mini in the direction of video can effectively reduce the surrounding sound,and communicate efficiently during online meetings.

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