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Langogo Minutes Voice Recorder & Translator

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Record Tour Life with Voice

Langogo Minutes has a powerful capability of recording transcription to editable text for 104 languages. Easily record the moments when each inspiration flashes during the journey and meeting.

* Transcription service is lifetime free for Chinese and free to free to Dec. 31, 2020 for English. For the rest of Languages is to be paid as needed.

More Power of Speaker Identification

Langogo Minutes supports speaker identification in a conversation of 2-4 persons. And it will automatically generate a dialogue text speaker by speaker, which makes Minutes the perfect machine for multi-person meetings and interviews.

Cloud Synchronization and Online Editing

The transcribed text can be quickly synced to the Cloud. Log in Langogo website to your Cloud space for online editing and key words searching. The revised documents will be updated on your Genesis accordingly.

Accurate as Always in Various Environments

Exclusive omnidirectional dual-mic array and noise reduction algorithm enable clear sound quality and accurate transcription results.

Speak to the World with One Button

Minutes supports real-time translation for 104 languages, helping you cross language barriers in foreign language meetings. With a 2.45-inch screen and real-time translation, Minutes is the best suit for business people.

Long-lasting Power for 24/7 Service

Minutes has a battery capacity of 1510mAh, which can last for 10 hours under screen-off state. It takes 2.5 hours to charge and back for service.

* Support charging while recording.

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