Langogo Genesis A.I. Language Translator

Langogo Genesis A.I. Language Translator


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Langogo Genesis A.I. Language Translator

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104 Languages Online Translation

The classic Genesis combines the power and capacity of Neural Machine Tranlation (NMT) technology with 104 languages two-way translation database including even small languages. And now it’s much faster, with streaming technology, giving us a brand-new way to understand the world.

One-button Smooth Operation

From the deep insight into the user experience, Genesis first introduced one-button operation, automatic recognition of speaker’s language to combine easy-to-use operation with cutting-edge technology, breaking the status quo of A/B button operation in the translation field and opening up more possibilities for you.

Voice-write Down Inspiration Moments

Genesis features a 3.1-inch retina screen, supports transcribing while recording and after recording for 104 languages. The audio file of an hour can be quickly transcribed within 10 minutes. With voiceprint recognition technology, in the Chinese context, it provides speaker identification service in a conversation of 2-4 persons and automatically generate a dialogue text speaker by speaker.

*Transcription service for English is free to Dec. 31, 2020. For the rest of languages is free for the first trial month and to be paid as needed after that.

Cloud Synchronization and Online Editing

The transcribed text can be quickly synced to the Cloud. Log in Langogo website to your Cloud space for online editing and key words searching. The revised documents will be updated on your Genesis accordingly.

Efficient Simultaneous Translation

Fhe latest upgraded "Interpreter mode" supports real-time translation between 104 languages and presents translation results at the same time which is widely applied to listening to on-site lectures or have face-to-face meetings

3.1-inch Display for Ultimate Experience

Genesis features straight body with smooth curves, clean and silky lines and comfortable hand feel. Genesis takes a 3.1-inch floating touch screen to produce astonishing visual effect and high definition display.

Long-lasting Power

With 2200mAh large capacity battery and strong endurance, Genesis can last 6 –hour continuous use and take 2.5-hour to charge back Standby for 7-day to catch every wonderful moment

Note: the above data are from Langogo lab, and the actual data may subject to change according to local environment,network signal or usage frequency


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