Autowit Fresh 1| Air Purifier

Autowit Fresh 1| Air Purifier


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Autowit Fresh 1 Air Purifier

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Ah, fresh air

Produces up to 8 million negative ions pcs/cm², Autowit Fresh 1 Air Purifier makes you feel like bathing in the forest every time you breathe with it being around. The negative ions help boost metabolism, reduce the pressure of the brain and keep you from getting tired.

3-Stage Filtration

Effectively removes 90% the PM2.5, pollen, smoke, dust, floccus, formaldehyde, unpleasant odors and more with its 3-stage filtration and large size filter element.

10 Times as Efficient Compound HEPA Filter


Autowit Fresh 1's HEPA and coconut shell activated filter has an air contact area that' s 10 times as big as regular filters, making Fresh 1 way more efficient and effective than the rest purifiers when it comes to filtering the dust, smoke, PM2.5 and more.

Control The Airflow Freely

Four adjustable airflow modes mean you can flexibly adjust the filtration level for various conditions. Or simply leave the job to Fresh I with its Auto Mode.

Efficient Airflow Design

Autowit Fresh 1' s unique airflow design makes sure every component works in the best way they can and together deliver an enjoyable breathing environment for you.

Aerodynamic Fan

Advanced duct way design and aerodynamic fan inside Autowit Fresh 1 control the airflow and absorb the pollutants steadily and stably.

Enioy Fresh Air with Your Favorite Fragrance

Apply extra oil/aroma pads to the Fresh I Air Purifier so that you can breathe healthily and in a good mood.
P.S. Every unit comes with a protective silicone pad and one extra aroma pad.

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