Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator

Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator


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Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator

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Fast Inflator

Air Flow: 15L/min; Maximum Pressure: 11.5PSl; Measuring Accuracy: +1 psi Continuous Working Time: 15 minutes at 45PSl

2 Power Sources

12V car cigarette lighter plug as well as rechargeable battery pack makes this inflator more useful since you can use it anywhere.

12V Car Power Adapter

The battery pack has run down when traveling?
Don't worry! We provide a 12V car power adapter for you to charge conveniently.

Replaceable Li-ion Battery Pack

With rechargeable Li-ion battery, you can pre-charge at home. The cord-free convenience, makes it easy for you use it anywhere without worrying about any power cords or air hoses.

Presetting & Auto Shut-off

The easy-to-read gauge with unit conversion (PSI/Bar/KPA) is convenient for you to preset the recommended pressure. Inflating will stop automatically once it reaches the desired air pressure in case of over-inflating.

Portable and Easy to Store

With a sleek profile and the weight of 2.61b, Autowit is portable and easy to store. The handy case—with an internal pocket slot for holding small items—keeps everything organized and makes it easy to carry around.

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