Autowit Car Air Freshener

Autowit Car Air Freshener


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Autowit Car Air Freshener

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Autowit Vent Car Freshener

Give Your Ride a Fresh Scent

Autowit vent car freshener is offering a two-part solution, which can be mounted around the air vents. The scented stick is to freshen your car in an upscale way. Incorporating with peppermint stick, it is also designed to refresh your mind and body from drowsy driving by taking a breath from the peppermint end.

Replaceable Aroma Sticks

Autowit air freshener includes 4pcs aroma sticks (Ocean/Lemon/Cologne/Peppermint)The fragrance is about to last for 2 months. You can change aroma stick as your wish when it runs out.

What's in the Box

·         Vent Car Freshener

·         Aroma Stick (Peppermint Stick*2, Ocean*1, Cologne*1, Scented Osmanthus*1)

·         User Manual


2 in 1 Design

·         scents stick

to freshen your car

·         peppermint stick

designed to refresh your mind and body from drowsy driving.

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